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8-Mode LiteCubes
Rainbow light up ice cubes

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Quick Overview

Product Information: When turned off the Rainbow Cube looks like a clear piece of ice. Activated by pressing the button located on the bottom of the Litecube. When turned on, it will last dozens of hours and does not have to be frozen to activate. The light up ice cube is FDA compliant and manufactured of double sealed impacted acrylic and non toxic re-freezable gel.

Product Description

All Litecubes are Sold in Denominations of 12 pieces. The Rainbow 8-Mode Multi LED Litecubes light up ice cube is the most popular and versatile; It boasts 8 modes. You can choose from 7 brilliant LED solid colors: red, green, blue, red/green, blue/green, red/blue, red/green/blue. The 8th mode rotates through all 7 brilliant LED combinations continuously The Litecube is the Original lighted ice cube and finest light up ice cube available.

Size: 1.26 in x 1.26 in (non choking hazard)

Light Cubes

Light Cubes Will Brighten Your Image

OnlyCubes discovered the versatile party phenomenon known as light cubes in 2001. Since we designed our first light ice cubes we have become the industry leader in the sales and distribution of light cubes and other LED products. Our dedication to meeting the needs of our light cubes customers is what sets us apart.

We provide a wide array of light ice cubes that will brighten your image and make your company stand out from the competition. Our major light cubes clients include popular hotels, restaurants, and are used by professionals in the night club and party planning industries. We surpass the expectations of our light cubes clients by providing unparalleled customer service, quick delivery, and the lowest prices. We cater to clients both big and small, and our light ice cubes and other LED products are designed around a wide variety of personalized needs.

Light cubes are a unique way of shedding light on your business or brightening up any event or party. The uses and possibilities are endless, and there is no better way of making sure the things you most want to highlight get noticed. Our light cube products include our famous light ice cubes, light ray glasses, barware, glowing hats and other light up décor items. All of our LED light merchandise is non-toxic and FDA approved, which means that the enjoyment of our products is unlimited. Bringing light to your events will make them unforgettable and unique.

The Most Popular Uses for Light Cubes

When it comes to how light cubes can be used, the sky is the limit. Whatever your imagination can conceive is possible, and we work with clients on an individual basis to help them find the LED light products that are right for their particular needs.

Light ice cubes can be used in drinks, hot tubs, spas, flower arrangements, vases, nightlights, or even in place of candles. Many of our other LED light products are used for decoration at various events, and help promote a festive and happy atmosphere. OnlyCubes products are commonly used for wedding receptions, trade shows, birthday parties, graduations, showers, and anniversaries. These are events that are always the envy of those in attendance, and the demand for our LED light products has never been greater.

Light cubes add a new dimension to Christmas, Hanukkah, Valentine’s Day, Halloween, the Fourth of July, New Year’s, and every other holiday. The bright, colored light sets a cheerful tone for any event and makes every party a memorable one.

All of our light cube products can be customized, and make for excellent promotional items. Whether you are planning a fundraiser, or a corporate retreat, our "light up LED ice cube" products always make an impression. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination, and we are confident that using our LED light up products at your next party or event will make it one to remember for years to come.

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