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LiteCubes Quality
Last Updated: 01/29/2016
Warning: If you are purchasing cubes that lack the trademarked LiteCubes name and light bulb logo as pictured, you are purchasing cheap Chinese made imitations. By purchasing cheap imitations you run the risk of ingesting internal toxins from the battery and inner cube contents due to poor substandard design. It's a sad fact of life that a successful product is replicated, often by individuals who have no concern for the health and safety of the end user. LiteCubes carry an FDA certification so you can be sure they are safe for you and your children unlike the knock off varieties. Litecubes vigorously and aggressively defends it's patents and copyrights worldwide. Real authentic LiteCubes have the trademarked name and the light bulb logo stamped on the underside of the cube!

All cubes purchased from will be 100% genuine original LiteCubes products only! The generic knock offs are cheaper for a good reason. They are completely unsafe and generally have a very high dud rate. Get the safety and high quality you deserve for the money you spend by choosing the original LiteCubes brand products from!

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